At The School Collective, we are passionate about solving problems, especially related to the qualified professionals available to and serving under resourced public school districts educating our most vulnerable students.
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The School Collective

What We Do

The School Collective aims to equip you and your school district with the tools necessary to impact positive student and educator growth. Our experienced practitioners and leaders come from diverse backgrounds and are passionate about supporting a variety of needs. Our primary goals are to build community amongst student-focused professional educators and to develop and improve implementation of practitioner- and system-level culturally responsive practices in marginalized communities.

What can we do for your district

Our team of school-based practitioners develops practical strategies and solutions for your identified needs and problems, facilitating efficient, positive, and realistic change.

What can we do for the practitioner

We will support your school-based practitioners and foster them into a community of experienced and skilled professionals. We are dedicated to empowering educators through clinical supervision to help your school district increase capacity. We also provide individual case consultation and group grand rounds for difficult and complex evaluations and educational planning of treatments and interventions.


We offer customized workshops tailored to meet the unique needs of your district and community. We understand the importance of ongoing professional development for school practitioners and bring a cross-disciplinary approach to our presentations. Practitioners leave our training sessions jazzed to implement the tools they’ve acquired when they return to their campuses the next day!

Building Community

Our online community provides a platform for educational professionals to connect, exchange ideas and insights, and build meaningful relationships that lead to professional growth and development.




Determining Need

Do you have a shortage of practitioners in your district? Are your evaluations backlogged? Are you struggling to provide special education services and interventions? Are you trying to figure out what to do with that one student that presents with complex needs? Do you have interns and practicum students but no one to supervise them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably need our support. We offer professional development opportunities to increase practitioners’ knowledge and skill set.

Help is only a click away.

1. Email us to schedule a time to discuss your needs and goals.
2. Develop a plan with one of our experts.
3. Enjoy our The School Collective’s support!

Facilitating Change

The School Collective will empower you to identify specific areas of need and develop strategies to address them. We will partner with you to create customized solutions for equitable access to high-quality educational services. Our team is committed to building meaningful relationships through connections, resources, case consultation, and clinical supervision.

Client Experiences

Chris is a fun energetic supervisor who is dedicated to the field of School Psychology. This is demonstrated through Chris's ability to promote effective growth in the profession as well as his desire to contribute more knowledge to the field by being a doctoral student. Chris possesses personal and professional attributes in conflict resolution, adaptability, and collaboration. Additionally, Chris is extremely helpful when dilemmas arise in the decision-making process, navigating the special education system, and obtaining knowledge about the responsibilities of a School Psychologist. Apart from his clinical skills, Chris is a great supporter who is always ready to listen and help which makes him very dependable. Chris also is proactive and will reach out to see if he can assist with any questions or concerns throughout the week. A memorable experience with Chris was when he gave a demonstration and provided feedback about administering the MIGDAS and ADOS autism assessments. I have enjoyed having Chris as a supervisor! I highly recommend Chris as a great addition to any special education team.

Kristy Meyer, LSSP Intern

Christopher Ponce is my current internship supervisor. He was always available when I needed him. Chris guided me through my internship by promptly responding to questions, providing insightful feedback, and providing developmentally beneficial training. Chris's consistent optimism throughout the semester made me feel comfortable about my future as a school psychologist.

Brook and Chris are great supervisors! I am thankful for their leadership and support. I am confident that with the tools that they have provided me, I will be prepared to be an efficient and effective school psychologist upon graduating.

Hope Cooke, LSSP Intern

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